C2N next step with WELL for sustainable real estate

By obtaining a ‘WELL Accredited Professional’ within our team, C2N made the next step in creating sustainable real estate. The sustainability methods BREEAM and LEED are focussed on the effects of real estate on the environment in general. However WELL has its aim on the health and the well-being of the users of real estate.

We spend 90% of our time in the office, at school or at home. This has a great effect on our health and performance that we must deliver. The quality of air, water, light and mental well-being are one of the themes for which WELL offers good solutions.

WELL provides, in addition to strategies for the standards of physical elements of the environment, also strategies for the behavioural component of the environment. WELL introduces the so-called ‘Circadian Rhythm’. This concept focusses on the effect of light on our cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Different frequencies of light means that our ‘internal clock’ indicates we have to be alert or we should rest. With WELL you can promote a healthy and active lifestyle by offering solutions that allow ourselves to make better choices, conscious or unconscious. WELL creates an environment where the user eats healthier, is more fit, sleeps better, feels better and thus more productive.

Do you want to make the next step in making sustainable real estate, please contact us on +31 85 273 7490.