Oskam received first 4-star BREEAM-NL certificate for Demolition & Disassembly

The Oskam Group, as the first company in The Netherlands, achieved the 4-star BREEAM-NL Certificate for Demolition & Dissambly for the sustainable demolition of the OBS De Buurtschool in Noordeloos.

On June 7th. 2016 during the PROVADA the certificate was officially handed over. There has never been a project in The Netherlands which was demolished in a sustainable and responsible way. In addition to product re-use, also material re-use was well applied. As much as possible part-flows from the project have been re-used and determination of a new destination. All these efforts have led to the most sustainable demolition project in the Netherlands and to a proud team.

C2N, in her role as assessor, was closely involved in the successful completion of the project.