Cluster Zuid

Leiden University is currently redeveloping Cluster Zuid, consisting of the building Van Eyckhof and Van Wijkplaats. The building dates from 1980 and is being renovated; in addition, a part of the new building will also be built. The existing facades will be maintained as much as possible. A large central hall/meeting place connects the library, lecture halls and office spaces. Cluster Zuid is also connected to the University Library by means of a footbridge on the first floor.

The redevelopment of the existing building amounts to approx.7,850 sqm. gross floor area and the expansion to be realized is approx. 3,500 sqm. gross floor area. The design process is ongoing and is targeted to attract students to the campus, so that they can attend lectures, study and have discussions.

Sustainability is an important part of the university’s culture and should also be displayed to staff and students. The basis for the sustainability policy is the Environmental Policy Plan 2016-2020.

C2N fulfils the role of BREEAM-NL Expert for this project.


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Cluster Zuid
Vastgoedbedrijf Universiteit Leiden
11.350 sqm.
Services C2N:
BREEAM-NL Expert and Commissionings Management