BREEAM-NL New Construction

Buildings with a BREEAM-NL New Buildings label are distinguished by a better quality, lower operating expenses, satisfied tenants and a better financial return.

Thanks to our experience with more than one hundred high-quality BREEAM certifications, your sustainable project is in safe hands with us. We support you in a pragmatic way in achieving your BREEAM ambitions, such as:

The BREEAM certification process for new construction and renovation is documented in detail in an Assessment Guideline issued by the Dutch Green Building Council. In summary, BREEAM-NL New Building has three main questions on sustainability, divided into nine categories:

Each category contains a number of requirements (=credits). The more credits you earn, the higher the total BREEAM score, which varies between 1 and 5 stars. BREEAM sets strict conditions on the evidence with which you must prove that you meet a credit. Our BREEAM advisors have extensive knowledge of the BREEAM requirements and will help you perfectly to establish the evidence that meets the requirements.

Would you like to know more about our experiences with BREEAM-NLnew construction and what we can do for you? Contact Lizette van Zuilen (+31 683 44 3363) or Ruud Sprock (+31 610 99 4694) from our office.