Energy audit EED

From 2012, the European Energy Efficiency Directive EED is in force. Part of the directive is the obligation for large companies to carry out an energy audit every four years. Since the beginning of 2019, the competent authority is monitoring compliance with this obligation more closely.

A company is subject to audit if it employs more than 250 FTEs, or has an annual turnover of € 50 million or more and an annual balance sheet total of € 43 million. A company is exempted from the audit if it participates in a Multiannual Energy Efficiency Agreement or if it has an ISO-certified energy management or environmental management system.

The purpose of the energy audit is to encourage companies and institutions to take more energy-saving measures, both process and building related. In practice, the energy audit thus affects both tenants and landlords of real estate. This is reflected in the design of the audit report, which must contain at least the following information:

In order to qualify for assessment and acceptance, the competent authority imposes strict requirements on the scope, content and depth of the audit report.

If you as a company have little or no experience with the energy audit, we can support you in this. The same applies to property owners who are asked by tenants to provide building information for the energy audit.

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