Technical Due Diligence

In real estate transactions there is a need to get an accurate picture of the technical condition of the property being offered. This insight must be translated into financial consequences and risks. Our multidisciplinary TDD team can act quickly and flexibly. We are able to scale up our capacity very quickly if the nature and size of the TDD justifies this.

We adjust what your wishes are: just an indication of the technical condition? Or a detailed report with an interim and short report in which ‘red flags’ are signalled. Whatever choice you make, you will receive a to-the-point report from us with a powerful management summary. This provides you with accurate and concise information that provides reliable support for your further decision-making.

Issues that we pay attention to during an inspection are for example:

Want to know more about our TDD approach? Feel free to contact Hans van Brakel (+31 6 413 99 928) from our office.